Deals Of The Day


Coconut Shrimp (per doz)

Crispy coconut breaded shrimp with Caribbean style dipping sauce, choice of Fries and...

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Jamaican Fried Chicken

Chicken like you’ve never had Mon!!!  Mindly seasoned and fried crispy.  Served with Rice, Plantains,...

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Curried Goat Dinner

Blue Mountain Curry, our West Indian...

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Snapper Escoviche

Scarlet Snapper fried crispy and smothered with our island seasoned brown gravy and...

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Curried Chicken Dinner

Blue Mountain Curry, our signature West Indian...

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Tropical Salmon

Grilled Salmon fillet with citrus pineapple sauce, includes rice and 2...

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Cow Foot Dinner

sweet and tender you have to try this...

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