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Friday, 19 Jan 2018

Core Connections Ltd

General & Sales
Montego Bay

Telephone: 876-000-0000

Information: Who Are We

If you want it, we have it! Core Connections Limited is a dynamic company that delivers revolutionary approaches to sales and marketing, networking and promotions. We offer to our clientele a “One Stop Shop” concept covering key areas such as advertising, outsourcing, marketing, recruiting, shopping, design and décor, events and physical transformation etc. Everything we do is driven by a single overriding objective: to assist our clients to make their lives easier and more efficient. We are also innovators in utilizing a unique program to consistently track and measure customer feedback which is critical for strategic planning. We will partner with you to develop technology and strategic solutions that will revolutionize your offerings.
How We Can Help You?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you need to browse our website for a solution or Contact Us immediately
1. Do you have a good product or service but lack a sophisticated Executive Marketing team to represent your brand at all levels?
2. Are you having difficulties finding employment or hiring employees?
3. Do you have a motor vehicle, real estate or other merchandise you are trying to sell?
4. Do you need a Nanny, Domestic Worker, Decorator, Painter, Plumber, Landscaper, Electrician, Auto Mechanic, Bearer?
5. Would you like to purchase your groceries, clothing, shoes etc. online and have them delivered to your home?
6. Do you want a motor vehicle or real estate to rent or purchase?
7. Are you getting married or hosting an event and need a planner / coordinator / manager?
8. Do you need a website developed, business cards designed and printed, offices or homes constructed and or decorated?
9. Do you have a matter that you would like to be handled by a private investigator?
10. Would you like a boost in confidence by getting a complete or partial makeover?
We are “Creating the Connection for your Core needs” with the Core Connections concept. If you can want or need it, allow us to provide it!

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