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Friday, 19 Jan 2018
Private Investigator
Private Investigator

Private Investigator (0)

Do you have a matter that needs investigating? Core Connections has a team of Private Investigators with advanced equipment in the field and client confidentiality beyond compare.
Core Private Investigation caters to organizations that require background  criminal  or personal information on existing employees and potential hires. In today’s environment it is critical for companies to employee individuals with a high level of integrity and Core Private Investigation can ensure that you achieve that objective. Police Records only reflect convictions and in a nation where such a large percentage of perpetrators are not convicted, organizations should have a means of getting critical information on integrity.

The average individuals can also benefit from Core Private investigation. Do you have a cheating spouse that you want to catch red handed or a matter in the hands of law enforcement that is not being attended to in a most efficient manner? If you do we can help.

Communication, payment and information delivered can be exchanged without the client's identity being revealed.